Celebrities who accepted they had Sex for Money!

Don’t get afraid ! however what we are about to say is going to be as scandalous as it gets. These facts are aforesaid by the celebrities themselves. while most celebrities feel bad to accept the reality, these celebrities have accepted that they had sex for cash. this may be either plain stupid or over guts.

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian sex tape

Most folks would have seen that ‘Tape’ and it was that tape that brought her to spot light. She officially made cash by selling that tape for a price of five Million bucks !

Sherlyn Chopra

sherlyn chopra kamastura

Sherlyn already confessed this again and again. On Twitter she has frankly said that she slept with lots of folks for cash. This may well be a publicity statement. however still her flick ‘Kamasutra 3D’ proves those might be true. Her statements has caused stir on social media.

Sunny leone

sunny leone one night rate

She is already a porn star and currently she is one of the most celebrated bollywood actors. She openly said she got a lot of payment for her recent job. Nah, not THAT job.

Gehana Vasisth

gehana vasisth rate per night

She could be a nominee on Miss bikini Asia online India. She too tweeted frankly that she is ready to have sex for cash. In short, Paid sex. Guess what, she created this confession soon after Sherlyn’s statement

Sibel Kekilli

sibel kekilli hot image

Most of them know her as ‘Shae’. She is a famous figure from the series ‘Game of Thrones’. however most of them do not know she is a porn star and she has another name ‘Dilara’.

Suyyash Rai

suyyash rai

Suyash is fresh from Madhur Bhandarkar film and he made a stunning confession that once he was a struggling model, he got paid 40000 to have sex with a middle aged woman. He made this an open statement.

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