God of Thrones Actress goes NUDE!

Gorgeous and Resplendent actress Emilia Clarke has told reporters that she had no downside in going ‘NUDE’. She conjointly aforesaid she’s going to strip off for the hit TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. The actress further shocked by saying, a bit of quick drink and technical help is enough for her to do the naked scene.

emilia clarke

The actress during her interview to a leading daily aforesaid, “All I required was vodka and a few flattering lighting and that i was ready.” The actress said earlier she signed no-nudity clause, however she shocked fans with full frontal nude scene in recent ‘GOT’ episode.

emilia clarke hot

The actress said, “It was simply a beautiful, strong moment I wanted to own, a true empowering, girl-power wow scene. i was so excited to do the nude scene. it is not a sexy scene and i wasn’t naked for no reason. it is not gratuitous. i was naked as I destroyed my enemies after they underestimated me.

emilia clark

I want to be known for my acting, not for my breasts. I don’t wish to have sex thrown in my face and I’ve always thought the suggestion is so much more titillating than the act itself. If a Nude scene carries the script forward, i’m happy to do it.”

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